StealthGenie Now Supports All Android Tablets and iPads! so that parents and employees can keep a track on their kids and employees in the best possible way. We now have the tablets covered so you miss nothing!

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With the availability of an untethered jailbreak, #1 iPhone spy software Mobile Spy has announced compatibility with iOS 6 and above! Once again, Mobile Spy is the FIRST to offer the latest monitoring software for smartphones.

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Phone Spyware Scams

As there has been a sharp rise in phone spyware scams in the market, you should be aware specially of ANY Bluetooth spy / monitoring program you see advertised anywhere. These apps DO NOT work as advertised.

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Is Someone Spying on Me?

Is Someone Spying on Me?

  • You have trouble shutting your phone off.
  • The phone sometimes lights up when you are not using it.
  • You sometimes hear odd clicking or other noises while you’re making a call.
  • Your phone’s battery seems to drain quicker than usual.
  • Your phone bill goes up and you are charged for more texts than you remember sending.

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